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100th Annual Rotary Community Day Parade

Presented by

Evolugen by Brookfield Renewable

Returning to Queen Street on July 15th, 2023, starting at 11:00 am

Be part of the parade!

Completed applications are due Wednesday, July 5, 2023.

Parade route

Map of the parade route along Queen Street; starting at Pim Street and running to Gore Street. The Parade lineup is also shown, lined up on Queen Street, east of Pim Street as far as it needs to run. The sensory-friendly block is between Bruce and Dennis streets.

Sensory friendly block

The block between Bruce Street and Dennis Street has been designated a “Sensory Friendly Block.” Parade entries will be advised not to honk or use sirens or air horns along this block. Bright flashing lights (e.g. emergency vehicle) will be turned to either “off” or “steady on”. Other lights or music will continue as usual.

2023 Winners: