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Bone Yard
Saturday, July 16, 10:30pm

Bone Yard has always been fortunate to have some of the most seasoned and experienced musicians in their lineup over the years. Fronting the band from the cockpit is Greg Simpson (drums, vocals). Greg is a natural performer with an infectious personality and energy, guaranteed to charge up a crowd. Greg is well known for his work with other local favorites: Stiffler's Mom, and That's Chester. Playing the skinny strings is Alex Dettorre (guitar, vocals). Alex has long been a local guitar favorite and his talents are a most perfect fit. The most common reaction by Bone Yard fans to Alexs’ guitar playing is simply...Wow! Rounding out the bottom end of this power trio is another seasoned vet of the local scene Warren Reville (bass, vocals). Warren has been jazzing and bluesing it up with the best the area has to offer for several decades and is now going bass deep into the rock world and is loving every minute of it! These guys are tonnes of fun on and off the stage and are no strangers to any size event, from the local bar scene to large corporate events and festivals. Catch them at one of your local watering holes or events soon! You will want to come back for more!