ROTARYFEST - The Sault's Summer Festival!
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Greg MacLachlan
Folk Rock & Originals
Saturday, 5:30pm

Greg MacLachlan is a singer/songwriter from Sault Ste. Marie, ON who has been writing and performing since high school.  He prefers not to say when that was, but you can rest assure it was before 2010, and maybe even before the year 2000.  He has performed all over Ontario, the far north when he lived in Nunavut, and the far Canadian east when he performed in Newfoundland.  He has never been west.  Greg has released 2 albums of original songs and has many, many more written on scrap pieces of paper and napkins in the basement.  He despises facebook and instagram and proudly has no social media presence.  He is terrible at writing biographies, and is a little bit proud of that too.  He hopes you enjoy his tunes.  If you ever get a hold of him, it will probably be through email or a landline.  Good luck with that.

Greg MacLachlan – Vocals

Aaron Dunn – Drums

Christina Foster  – Vocals

Al White  – Bass