ROTARYFEST - The Sault's Summer Festival!
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All Us Others Band

1:00pm - All Us Others

All Us Others is an indie/pop band from a little town in Ontario. With Ella Jubilee and Kenzie Don as frontwoman, these ladies harmonize like no other, and have been making music together for years. Jeff Rhude (guitar), Trenton Whillans (keys), Ethan Bedley (bass), and Nathan Giulietti (drums). You will not want to miss their debut album!

Mike Mikus Band

2:00pm - Mike Mikus

Mike Mikus has enough energy to pass around a room. Whatever you’re passing around the room, Mikus’ versatile music will be there to accompany your dynamic emotions. With the help of his nutty yet talented friends, the Mike Mikus band (which currently feature former Pixo Control members, Keeghan Rosso & Dustin Goodall) is a live wire worth touching.

id iota band

3:00pm - id iota

id iota is an emerging cultural force, committed to redefining the limits of creative possibility in Northern Ontario on their upcoming debut album. An enigmatic sound, as danceable as it is intellectual, has helped the band develop some serious buzz as being the “next thing.” After experiencing their genre-bending celebration of freedom and authenticity, you’ll agree that one thing is for sure: this ain’t your average local band. Christian Lemay (vocals), Dustin Goodall (guitar), Blair St. John (drums), Dan Linklater (bass), and Pete Mozarowski (cello).

A Dire Setback Band

4:00pm - A Dire Setback

A Dire Setback is the premier local alternative rock/pop punk band that was formed in 2016. Their explosive stage performances, melodic riffs and work ethic has earned them a spot in the heart of the local music scene. This up and coming band, with their catchy lyrics and stage presence, are a band you are not going to want to miss. Larry Babic on lead vocals (former front man of A Fall From Innocence), Chris Nielsen on guitar and vocals (Former guitarist of Shore), Matthew Quinn on bass/vocals, and Nick Kainula on Drums.

Northwest Band

5:00pm - Northwest

Northwest is happy to make their Stage 2 debut at this year’s Rotaryfest! Blending rock & roll hooks with punk rock energy, they’ll be sure to get the people moving! Come party with us! Wayne Watkins (vocals, guitar), Mike “Yak” Yakasovich (guitar, vocals), Greg Callaghan (guitar, vocals), Mike Smykacz (bass) and Marc Santos (drums). The band is currently working on their second EP, which is expected to drop in the latter half of 2017.

the Din Band

6:00pm - The Din

The Din is a 3-piece alternative rock act from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. The Din is known for their high energy original music and intense live performances. With the unique voice and steady bass of Mike Haggith, the passionate leads and blistering solos of Tammy Hill, and the dependable dynamics of drummer Brandan Glew, The Din is a must see act for the music lover of any age!

Keep It Cool Kids K.I.C.K. Band

7:00pm - K.I.C.K.

KICK! Keep It Cool Kids! Impressing audiences wherever they go, K.I.C.K. has been skillfully crafting their Northern Ontario sound for many years. The band has recently signed with tidal records and continues to ``keep it cool” while balancing full-time careers, life in general, performing and studio time. With the excitement and anticipation surrounding K.I.C.K.`s debut album set to release fall 2017; Simon, Tyson, Kevin, and Aaron will show you how to keep it cool.

Jesse Merineau Band

8:00pm - Jesse Merineau

SNEAK PEAK! This is your only chance to catch Jesse Merineau preview the huge project he has been working on. After landing deals and working with some of the biggest musicians and producers in North America... His debut record is in the works, and it is one to watch out for.