ROTARYFEST - The Sault's Summer Festival!
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Water’s Edge Festivals & Events is proud to announce the ONTARIO 150 Tour presented by Redpath Sugar: a pan-provincial event that will travel throughout Ontario during the summer of 2017 celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary, and will be at ROTARYFEST July 13-15. An exciting summer of waterfront entertainment will celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary by integrating elements of our nation’s multiculturalism into every aspect of programming for a truly Canadian pan-provincial tour. ONTARIO 150 Tour programs include:

Rhythm of the Nation is a Canada 150 Fund initiative written specifically for the ONTARIO 150 Tour. This is an interactive dance and musical performance centred around nationally-renowned street artist DJ Creeasian and hosted by bi-lingual actor Pierre Trudel. A truly diverse multicultural Canadian performance will evolve as each show will be uniquely defined by the audience and musical influences.
Rythme de la Nation est une initiative du Fonds Canada 150, rédigée spécifiquement pour la Tournée de l’Ontario 150. C'est une performance de danse interactive et musicale centrée sur l'artiste de rue renommée nationale DJ Creeasian, et présenté par l'acteur bilingue Pierre Trudel. Une performance multiculturelle canadienne évoluera avec chaque spectacle.


The World’s Largest Rubber Duck, standing 61 feet tall, 79 feet wide, 89 feet long, weighing in at 30,000 pounds and making its Canadian debut on this Tour.

Please note, the World’s Largest Rubber Duck cannot safely be inflated or stay inflated during a thunderstorm or with winds over 20 knots. We will take every precaution that puts safety at the forefront and will do our best to communicate and disseminate information to staff, partners and visitors of our event.


The West Coast Lumberjack Show is an action-packed, must-see Canadian show that will have you wanting to break out your plaid. The 45 minute show is comprised of non-stop Lumberjack events including logrolling, tree climbing, chainsaw carving & axe throwing, done by professional athletes, all of whom are current or former Canadian Champions.